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Meet Kate Nasuti

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Who am I? 

Your guide, your mirror, your vault, your cheerleader, your friend.  

I have 22 years of experience of helping people, young and old, with behavior change. And about the same amount of time living a life of relentlessly seeking truth and healing. With my professional experience, comes a scientific understanding of change.  


With my personal experience, comes a spiritual understanding of change. With this combination, I have created a nurturing space for over 30 clients to grow.  I am not the expert in the room, they are. Together we get curious, we ask questions, and we put a new frame on the life they are already living.  And then shifts happens.

Who are you?

You are willing. You are courageous. You are creative. You are honest.  You are playful.  As long as you bring all of this to every session, your life is bound to move in a myriad of meaningful ways. 

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